(Cal Civ. Code 18,  Cal.)


(Cal. Const. Art. 1 & 21 -  Cal. Civ. Code 1708)


                I was born in California and have lived here the majority of my life.   I’ve got a high skool education, if you want to call it that.   I’ve been studying law for the past 25 years once I learned how ripped off I was on that driver license thing. 

            I began my legal trek as a volunteer at a non-profit law firm for approximately two years  in Los Angeles where I lived and worked for approximately 15 years.    I then moved to San Jose in 1998 to be closer to my aging mother and to help out around the house and to assist with family matters.    

            After I finished that assignment I continued to do volunteer work for groups working to expose government corruption and clean up the environment.   I worked for Green Peace, Cal Pirg, Heal The Bay, and Save The Whales.   I also volunteered at The Empowerment Project, an Academy Award winning documentary film company and received a credit on their Academy Award wining film;  The Panama Deception.   I worked in the TV industry for a couple years as a camera man, assistant to the COO of the company, stage manager, and I was in charge of the video tape library and ensuring our productions got to the broadcasters on time. 

            In approximately 1992 a friend and I went to see a documentary at the Santa Monica Library about the Federal Reserve.   After the screening of the documentary there was a question and answer period.   I don’t recall how or why the issue came up but a man told the audience that he no longer had a driver license and didn’t register his car.   My ears immediately perked up.   You see for the previous four years I wondered why I had to register my van.   I loathed having to go to the DMV and stand in the cattle call awaiting my turn to be subjected to the condescending attitude of the DMV employees as I fulfilled what I believed was my legal duty.   Well this man informed the audience members that he’d learned about what he knew from a man who taught people about it.   He stated that the man gave presentations every Sunday at his home.   Three days after the screening of the Federal Reserve documentary my friend and I were in the man’s home who taught people about what the DMV is really about, and I’ve not looked back since.   

Sir Richard James, McDonald

            That man is Sir Richard James, McDonald, Ph.D., JD.   He’s the leading proponent of state Citizenship in the country.   He’s a former detective sergeant who became interested in our status and why we had to do certain things or else.   He discovered that there are two classes of citizens in our country, state and federal, and they are not the same thing.   There’s rules that apply to one but not the other.   Obviously I didn’t know there were two classes of citizens because the public schools don’t bother teaching that to the kids.   Well after his three hour presentation I was hooked.   I knew I’d been lied to for my entire life about the law and my status and why I had to have a driver license and register my car so I set about informing myself about the scam.   In any event this is with whom I began my formal legal studies.   It’s now going on three decades later and I’ve been involved with numerous court cases, my own and as well as others.   I primarily focus on DMV, so-called “traffic stops”, warrantless arrests, and constitutional and contract law issues.   However it’s impossible to study any or all of that without learning other aspects of law as well.

            Yes, as you can see there's such a thing as state Citizen and I'm one.   It's really too bad kids are denied information about the ORIGINAL STATUS of the people of this country.   US citizenship followed state Citizenship.   There was no such thing as US citizenship prior to the creation of the company the people of the colonies built to interact with other countries.   Even after the creation of the company there was still no such thing as US citizenship.   That status did not come into being until the 1860's.   It's the how federal government employees are identified.  

            I learned I’d been subjected to fraud and the contract for the driving privilege was voidable, so I set about doing just that.   After approximately 4 years of haphazard informal study I took the requisite steps and rescinded the contract with the DMV having learned what driving actually was and the reason people “had to” have one, and register their car or whatever they used to travel around.   What I learned was the DMV regulates commerce.   The license permits lawful engagement in commerce/business.   I learned that driving is a profession and not what we were lead to believe it was.   I don’t have a license any more, and haven’t for nearly 20 years, nor do I register my cars, I don’t have to and it’s perfectly legal.   And now I teach people what I’ve learned. 

            In my travels around the law campus I've also learned about more than a few other topics like sales tax  and who has to pay it.   It's not me and you dear customer, and I have the receipts to prove it.  I'm neither a jobber nor reseller nor do I have any special card.   I actually know the law so I don't need any card, the LAW pertaining to sales tax is my special card.  

            The keys to understanding what’s happening is the license and contracts.   It’s also important to understand there’s a difference between commercial and noncommercial activity, the former requiring the State’s permission, the latter doesn’t.   We weren’t taught what a license actually is for, it’s for business.   It's an OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE.   In order to legally engage in business, at least the vast majority of business, one is required to have a license.   A driver license is no different than any other business license, hence, driving is a profession.   I hope you find something of value here and if you have a question about law the answer is located at your Law Library.   You pay for it and what's in it.   You'll be suprised when you take a look around that place at how much information there is on EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE.   If there's been a grievance, how it turned out is in the Law Library.

I've worked on at least 100 cases, including my own and represented myself, and even appealed my second court case to the California Supreme Court.   NO, they chose not to hear it but there was NO OPPOSITION filed all the way up and I didn't blow a single filing deadline and none of my paper was kicked for any technical flaws, over this 25 year time frame and have substantial courtroom experience.   NO, I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY NOR DO I WANT TO BE ONE.   I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY KNOW AND I'll DO IT MYSELF.   My efforts have cost Alameda County, Santa Clara County, Los Angeles County, and Orange County MILLIONS OF DOLLARS having to deal with issues they never should have had to if the cops just follow the rules they swore to follow.   A buddy of mine scored $100,000 against Santa Clara County for false imprisonment.   I introduced him to a $500 @ hr attorney who specializes in government corruption took his case ON A CONTINGENCY BASIS!   My buddy was a process server and was AT COURT FILING PAPER WHEN HE WAS ARRESTED BY A DEPUTY SHERIFF WHO'S KNOWN HIM FOR A DECADE OR MORE.   I scored $10,000 for false imprisonment and I didn't have to go to court to get it.   I didn't use an attorney.   I used me and the rules!   The municipality settled.   There's no tax on that $100,000 or that $10,000.   It's not income!   And for the right donation I'll prove that's how much I got.

I read, I study, I type, I lecture, I teach but I do it on my own terms.    Given I don't use a Social Security number any more, and have sent word to the Social Security Administration that I quit, it's a real challenge attempting to get a "regular" job, so I gave that up decades ago.   Hence, whatever you may be able to do to help keep the research and study fires stoked and my ole gray mare fed would be very much appreciated.   My internet service provider and PG & E said to say thanks for helping me help them.     

            Thanks for stoppin by and checkin the place out.    Be sure to check my research and study materials page.   I've compiled some killer stuff "they" would prefer you not knowing anything about.   I exist on donations for my time which I can't get back so all the stuff I offer is actually FREE, but I'm gonna get paid for my TIME and I've invested lots and lots of it to learn what I know and accumulate what I have.  

    This is one thing you CAN believe from me, IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK WHEN YOU GET TO COURT!   I may be slow but I'm not stoopit, and I can read, and I read the same stuff they do.   What's goin on in Traffic Court IS CRIME.   And no one will believe me unless they see what some of those the dress wearing freaks have said that they expect those poor sheep waiting to be fleeced to accept as the God's honest truth.   Hey, IT'S REALLY REALLY BAD!!!   They cheat the worst!   And that dress doesn't make them smart or knowledgeable, you'll quickly find that out after a couple cases.   Well I'm gonna do what I can to tip their apple cart cuz they're sellin rotten apples and don't care.