"...there is a citizenship of the United States and citizenship of a state",...
Tashiro v. Jordan (1927) 201 Cal. 236

"We have in our political system a government of the United States and a government of each of the several States.   Each one of these governments is
distinct from the others, and each has citizens of it's own..."

United States v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542 (1875)

"It is quite clear, then, that there is a citizenship of the United States, and a citizenship of a state, which are distinct from each other and which depend upon different characteristics or circumstances in the individual".
Slaughter-House Cases, 83 U.S. 36 (16 Wall.); 21 L.Ed. 394 (1873)

    Sir Richard James, McDonald was a state Citizen of California and a constitutional law scholar.   Sir Richard was not an attorney, he was curious about CITIZENSHIP & STATUS and the law, and how it was written and why.  

    The audio files at the links that follow were recorded during lectures given during internet broadcasts over the course of the last few years.   Sir Richard's focus in the following broadcasts is primarily DMV, automobile, and Traffic Court related.  

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    These lectures are available for free by right mouse clicking on the one or ones of your choice and saving them to the folder of choice.

Each lecture runs approximately 45 minutes.  
    Lecture on Speeding Tickets - January 18, 2007
    Lecture on Pleadings & Judicial Notices etc., - February12, 2007
    Lecture on Judicial Notices - September18, 2006
    Lecture on Getting a Court Reporter For Free - January 30, 2006
    Lecture on Court Procedure - January18, 2006
    Lecture on Evidentiary Hearings etc., January 3, 2006
    Lecture on Motion To Quash, Pt. 1
    Lecture on Motion To Quash, Pt. 2
    Lecture on Court Procedure
    Lecture on Demurres