Sir Richard James, McDonald

            I began my study of law having learned of Sir Richard James, McDonald sometime around 1986.   Sir Richard was teaching people about a little known subject, state Citizenship.   He also taught people about what the Department of Motor Vehicles actually regulates.   He taught that if people became aware of what a so-called "traffic stop" was and the procedures that apply to fixing one, that they could handle 99% of any legal problem they may face.  

            Having been in continuous study of law since my having been introduced to Sir Richard has been invaluable.   After nearly three decades of continuous study and application of what I've learned, I'm convinced of a few things:   1.  Anyone who can ask a question can do law,  2.  Anyone who can type can do law,  3.  Anyone who can read can do law,   4.  Anyone who can write can do law,   5. Anyone marginally curious can do law.

            Lawyers are nothing more than mechanics, they fix problems.    They don't literally "get their hands dirty" unlike the auto mechanic but they repair problems nevertheless.   Like in the auto mechanic field there are REPAIR MANUALS that attorneys use to fix problems.   These REPAIR MANUALS are available for anyone to read on-line 24 hours 7 days a week or at most libraries and most definitely at any Law Library.   By the way, every answer to ANY law problem is located at the tax payer funded Law Library.   This is where all the rules related to society and what happens in it are located at the Law Library which is paid for, as it ALL the content thereof, by the People of the state.   There is no reason for the People to be ignorant of the rules that apply to what was designed and created for them, the government.   Government is nothing more than an idea housed in a bunch of buildings staffed by employees who wanted to work for the People of the state.   Those employees are servants and there's rules that apply to the servants of the People.   The servants,  or employees, do not have more power than their employers, the People.   This is self-evident.   The "creation" is never greater than the creator.   It would be like saying the TV is more powerful than the inventor of it.   So unless we know the rules that apply to our employees they'll have an advantage over us that may not be in our best interest.

            Hopefully the talks available will serve to provide a solid foundation for one's awareness of and ability to apply the law.   The following all are lectures regarding the so-called "traffic stop".


I am not an attorney.   I do not want to be an attorney.   I just want to know what attorneys know.   What you hear is NOT LEGAL ADVICE.   I'm not telling anyone how to do anything.    If you need an attorney use the phone book to find one.

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         Sir Richard James, McDonald is a state Citizen of California and a constitutional scholar.  Sir Richard is not an attorney and can not, nor will he, provide legal advice.   The audio files at the links that follow were recorded during lectures given during internet broadcasts over the course of the last few years.   Sir Richard's focus in the following broadcasts is primarily DMV, automobile, and Traffic Court related.  

        The information offered is NOT LEGAL ADVICE and is provided for educational and research purposes only.   The listener is responsible for what they choose to do with the information.   The owner of this domain accepts no responsibility for what the listener elects to do with the information.   Activation of any of the links shall signify that the listener holds both the domain owner and Sir Richard James, McDonald harmless for any liability the listener may incur resulting from their use or misuse of the information offered.

        These lectures were presented when Sir Richard was doing an internet raidio broadcast Mon - Thurs evenings, and are available for free by right mouse clicking on the one or ones of your choice and saving them to the folder of your choice.

        Each lecture runs approximately 45 minutes.   Again, NONE of what you'll hear is "legal advice" and no representation is made nor asserted by implication or otherwise that it is.   It's information and how you use it is up to you.  


    Lecture on Speeding Tickets - January 18, 2007
    Lecture on Pleadings & Judicial Notices etc., - February12, 2007
    Lecture on Judicial Notices - September 18, 2006
    Lecture on Getting a Court Reporter For Free - January 30, 2006
    Lecture on Court Procedure - January18, 2006
    Lecture on Evidentiary Hearings etc., January 3, 2006
    Lecture on Motion To Quash, Pt. 1
    Lecture on Motion To Quash, Pt. 2
    Lecture on Court Procedure
    Lecture on Demurres

These two hearings provide valuable insight about crime and criminal prosecution:

July 7, 2016