This site was designed with simplicity in mind.   It was also designed for study and review purposes. 

        There are no ads.   Nothing will pop-up and distract.   There’s no nag anything. 

        If the visitor can simply scroll UP and DOWN and click on links, then navigating the site will be real easy.   If the visitor needs fancy and pretty then this isn’t the site for them.   If the visitor needs complex then this site isn’t for them.

        The information posted here is the star, not fancy web design.   The information is complex enough and fancy packaging is a distraction.  

        The creator of this web site has been studying and teaching law for nearly 30 years.   Court decisions and information from unassailable legal and government sources are available.  

        NO ATTORNEY will provide the information posted here because you could become a competetor and they know full well that ANYONE can walk into a court room and speak about the law.   Because ladies and gentlemen, that's in fact what attorneys do.   The difference between them and you is they know HOW TO and BASED ON WHAT than you.   All you have to do is read the same stuff they do and viola, you become aware!   Your awareness will lead to HOW you think and speak about things related to law, like a so-called "traffic ticket".  

        The information provided and made available should be taught during the 12 compulsory years people sit in the behavioral modification gulags they call schools.   People who attended public schools did not get what their parents were lead to believe they’d get, an education.   At least a “complete” education.  

        For some reason law isn’t one of the topics taught during the 12 compulsory years.  

        Consider for a moment that children are taught that there was a war in this country to free slaves.   They were taught there’s no more slavery and it’s been abolished and prohibited. 

        However, they were taught nothing, not one minute in 12 years, about contracts.   Unless a contract exists people can not force or compel other people to do what they want. 

        Without a contract creating an obligation to perform or do what someone wants, any compulsion or force to make someone do something they’re under no obligation to do is improper because it constitutes extortion.

        Consider for a moment you’ve chosen to visit this site and read this.   You were not compelled, you were not under duress, no one held a gun to your head, you freely chose and that’s what makes a valid contract or agreement.   Consider all the things you believe you “have to” do.   “Have to” means “you gotta” and don’t have a choice.    How do you know for a fact you have to do all the things you believe you “have to” do if you’ve never seen the rules or laws? 

        You have secured rights or you don’t.   If you believe you do then awareness of law is essential.  

      There’s rules or laws or procedures for everything and they’re all written and available 24/7/365 on-line.   Further, there’s law libraries that contain every answer to every law question.     The people pay for law libraries and what’s stocked inside them.   Entry is free.   So as long as people have electricity, a computer and internet access, or a way to get to the law library, they can read the rules in their effort to avoid and mitigate damage to them and their rights.

      In the designer’s opinion everyone can do law without being an attorney.   If one can think, read, speak and type or write then they have all the same tools a lawyer or attorney has and it’s merely a matter of becoming aware of the rules or laws and procedures lawyers or attorneys see and read and think and talk and write and type about.  

      Attorneys or lawyers are merely mechanics.   They fix things.   They’re service providers.   They’re not unlike computer techs who fix your computer when it goes haywire or you require your internet or cell phone service provider to deal with a problem associated with your computer or phone.   The primary difference between a lawyer or attorney and people who aren’t one is what they read and study and consider.   For example, consider the following rule:

We thus require citizens to apprise themselves not only of statutory language but also of legislative history, subsequent judicial construction, and underlying legislative purposes. (See generally Amsterdam, The Void-For-Vagueness Doctrine in the Supreme Court (1960) 109 U. Pa. L.Rev. 67.)
Walker v. Superior Court (1988) 47 Cal.3d 112
People v. Grubb (1965) 63 Cal. 2d 614

        That court citation originated with the California Supreme Court.   It makes perfect sense given the people of this country run the show or are the boss.   Those employed in local, State and federal government are the people’s employees.   They work at corporations created by the people.   The design purpose of the government corporations is to protect the people’s secured rights.   The employees swear an oath to protect and defend the rights of their employers, “We the people...”

        The people have a duty to manage their company and their employees.   This can not be done unless the people have an awareness of the laws or rules that apply to their employees.   People know how to manage their phone and car better than their government corporations and employees.   They know more about the latest fashion trends and the actors in television shows and the movies than their rights and the rules to protect their rights.  

        No one likes to be lied to and ripped off.   Without an awareness of the laws and rules that will surely happen, in fact it’s happening as you read this.   There’s a lot of people both your government employees and those who aren’t government employees inadvertently or on purpose, breaking rules and cheating.
        If you value your secured rights and freedom then the information posted here may come in handy.   Again, if you can scroll up and down and click links then your navigation through the site will be a breeze. 

        Further, this is the second iteration of this web site.   The original was lost due to a lack of funds in January of 2022 due to the "pandemic" bullshit and a loss of patrons.

        Thanks to the Swiss Mrs. this web site is on the rebound and the creator is very grateful for the patronage, support, and her interest in the promotion of law and truth and exposing the fraud and extortion that plagues "We the people...".   Again, what will be posted should be taught to children during the 12 COMPULSORY YEARS at the schools parents are FORCED to pay for. 

        Thanks fors stopping by and enjoy your visit.